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A Holocaust Survivor and the Daughter of a Survivor APRIL 2020 L Boone County Public Library BCP discover …because learning about the past will make a better future. BOONE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY #CheckOutBCPL Discover Boone County Public Library Black #000000 Notes: Always use the full wordmark unless you're explicitly speaking to or marketing the iOS or Android app iOS icon Wordmark (always use full word) Android Icon t icon Blue #001935 iOS icon Wordmark (always use full word) Android Icon t icon Get this newsletter in the mail! Visit our website, and click on Events. Scroll down to "Receive Discover BCPL by mail." Or choose to receive Your Boone County – an enewsletter for the county, schools and Library. Two different stories on two different dates! We are happy to announce that there will be two opportunities to hear Holocaust survivor stories at 6:30 p.m. at the Main Library this month. Conrad Weiner returns to talk about his experience as a young child in a labor camp on Thursday, April 2 and Barbara McCoucha will share her mother's story with us on Thursday, April 16. CONRAD (in photo with his mother and grandmother) was born in Storojinetz, a small town in Bucovina, once part of Romania (currently part of the Ukraine) in 1938. After a brief occupation of the region by the Soviet Army in 1941, Romanian authorities in alliance with German forces, started a massive campaign of annihilation and deportation of Jews of Transnistria. Conrad's family was taken by cattle car, a journey of two days and one night, and then forced to walk for two weeks in snow and mud to the forced labor camp, Budi. Conrad was 3 1/2 years old at the time. While in Budi, Conrad fell very ill. Many of the prisoners advised his mother to give up. Her response was that a mother does not give up on her child. Eventually she was able to nurse him back to health and in 1944, at the age of six, Conrad and the 300 surviving prisoners at Budi were liberated by the advancing Sovi- et Army and repatriated to Romania. In 1946, Romania became a Commu- nist country. It wasn't until July 1960 that the paperwork was approved and Conrad's family was able to come to America. He settled in Cincinnati and graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in German and Russian Language and Literature. In 1968, he obtained a M.B.A. from the University of Cincin- nati on a full-ride scholarship. BARBARA tells the story of her mother, Vera Gutin, a Holocaust survivor. Vera's earliest memories begin with the events of Kristallnacht in her hometown of Trier, Germany. After experiencing the violence of Kristallnacht, Vera's family relocated to nearby Luxembourg and eventually France in an attempt to stay ahead of the Nazis. Vera would spend the duration of the war in Vichy, France passing as a French child with the help of OSE (Oeuvre de Secours Aux Enfants or Children's Aid Society), the French Resistance, and the care of a small French village. Barbara uses Vera's personal notes, photos,and documents, presenting the story her mother shared before her, with additional information Barbara gathered on her own journey to Europe in 2018. Barbara is a senior support specialist at a local elementary school and spends her week- ends volunteering as a storyteller in her temple's library. She hopes her mother's story of survival, risk, and the care of strangers, will inspire people today to care for strangers in need.

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