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Page 46 of 47 47 SAMPLE: FOLLOW-UP LETTER After the follow-up phone calls have been made, a letter sent by the pastor/PLC/deacon to parishioners who have not completed an intention card can be instrumental in encouraging additional participation in the parish and archdiocesan community appeal. This letter is to be prepared and sent by the parish immediately after the telephone follow-up. The letter below, or one similar to it, can be adapted to local circumstances and should be sent by the parish to all who did not return an intention card. St. Richard Parish Date Name Address City, State Zip Dear (Formal Salutation): During the past several weeks, our parish community has been hearing the message of faith, hope and compassion through the Gospels, prayers and songs as we celebrate Mass. As Christians, we can build up our faith community through the United Catholic Appeal: Christ Our Hope. When we truly place our confidence in Christ our hope, we become the faithful who proclaim the word of God, celebrate the sacraments and exercise the ministry of charity. It is in this spirit that I invite you to share your God-given gifts with our parish community to: • enhance our parish community and its ministry opportunities • provide spiritual nourishment through liturgical offerings and homilies • maintain our place of worship and meet our monthly responsibilities. I also invite you to share your blessings with the broader archdiocesan community to: • foster education through Catholic education and faith formation • offer education to our seminarians and deacons and retirement benefits to our priests • provide help and create hope for people who are most in need. If you have not returned your United Catholic Appeal: Christ Our Hope intention card to the parish, I encourage you to participate. It is important for our local parish and archdiocesan community to identify your commitment as we plan for our ministries in the coming year. Please return your intention card to the parish office by mail or place it in the collection basket at Mass. If you are in need of an additional intention card or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can make a more hope-filled parish and archdiocesan community possible by sharing your blessings. Sincerely yours in Christ, Pastor/Parish Life Coordinator/Deacon

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