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Eberdingen, Germany Ampac's Eberdingen, Germany site was founded in 1978 as Flöter Verpackungsservice GmbH. Some key points that show our continuous growth include: 2007 Joined with Ampac Holdings LLC 2010 New high-speed pouch machine acquired 2011 Additional retreaded high-speed pouch machine and new spouting machine acquired 2012 Implementation of an inline printing machine 2013 High-speed pouch machine and new slitting equipment acquired Kirchberg, Switzerland Ampac's Kirchberg, Switzerland facility was founded in 1956 as ELAG Verpackungen AG. Some of Kirchberg's milestone achievements in the flexible packaging industry are: 1981 Development and production of the first retort pouch in Europe 1991 Development and production of the first retortable pet food pouch 2000 ISO certificate and installation of 8-colour flexo print press 2003 Expansion of capacities for fitment insertion 2005 Built new curing hall and started lamination 2007 Reached UN certification for 4L pouch for liquid 2009 Expansion of capacities for shaped pouches 2011 10-colour flexo print press equipped with installed GPS system 2011 Joined with Ampac Holdings LLC 2012 Won the HD print award with an excellent 10-colour flexo print 2013 Development and production of the biodegradable and compostable laminate and pouch 2014 Investment in new ink management system 2014 Development and production of the first retort laminate with water-based adhesives 2015 Installation of new high-speed pouch machine Ampac drives packaging transformation and performance by strategically creating packages that are more innovative, progressive and dynamic than those of our competitors. Ampac's comprehensive approach to packaging is a balance of rigorous, technology-driven innovation and exceptional creativity. Through fresh and insightful thinking, our team of engineers and designers act as change agents to build value for our customers. We are Ampac, the trusted leader in global change in the packaging industry. Ampac's Europe facilities have over 200 employees to service your company's needs. A Trusted Leader in Global Change Since 1956

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